Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Hilton Head Island: the older I get; contrasting poems

I thank Larry for the above video.  We all age, but Marlon Brando became grotesque out of all recognition.

I agree with the sentiment that if they found the Fountain of Youth I would not drink a drop; but while my old age has its charms and even hopes, perhaps delusional, I do not believe the best years are yet to come.

Here are four regressive photos of Webb Chiles

As regular readers know I read some poetry each day.  Usually some ancient Japanese or Chinese and some more modern poetry from the West.

Here are a Chinese poem and a contemporary Western one among those I read yesterday.  The first was written by Meng Hao-Jan, who lived from 689-740 A.D.  An interesting contrast.

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Anonymous said...

I'm about at the stage / age of the second photo from the top.
I do believe your hairline, was slower to regress than mine!