Friday, April 21, 2023

Hilton Head Island: another health benefit; disproportionate; ‘Anchor Song’


I thank Larry for a link to an article about research that indicates playing and even listening to music may reduce the progress toward dementia.  Personally I don’t think rap music counts, but that may be a personal bias.

If you haven’t listened to music today, I suggest this which I just listened to and watched on our screened porch with a glass of New Zealand, of course, sauvignon blanc at hand, as the sun is setting behind Pickney Island.  I thank James for the link.

Bach and sunsets may save me and you, too. 

I ordered a new battery for my GoPro 10.  GoPro shipped it almost instantly.  It arrived a few minutes ago.  There is the battery.  There is the box it was shipped in.

Having finished IDYLLS OF THE KING I sought other Western poetry to read and am skimming through Kipling, whose complete works I bought for $2.99 in a Kindle Edition.  There is some very good Kipling.  There is some doggerel Kipling.  He believed in the British Empire, which was I consider historically as audacious an act as any.  A few small islands with a small population setting out and for a while ruling a quarter of the world.  Well, the Portuguese with an even smaller population setting out to become by their own true claim ‘first in all oceans’ may be the equal.  As may the Polynesians settling half the Pacific Ocean.  While I do not admire the Empire.  I do admire the audacity.

Yesterday I read Kipling’s ‘Anchor Song’.  Not a great poem and he did write some, but a poem for a seaman and I like it.


richard said...

Hey Webb,
Didn't know if you came across this fascinating story at Sailing Anarchy.
If not is some wild open boat seamanship!

Webb said...

A great feat. I know those waters and can imagine the conditions. I had not seen it at SA. Thanks for the link.