Friday, March 3, 2023

Hilton Head Island: gale warning: JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG


We have a gale warning and the wind is increasing.  Though it is still far from gale strength, it is causing the Spanish moss to dance and sway.  The front is not due to reach us until around sunset.

I am just back from GANNET, where among other things I turned on the Yellowbrick to be certain is it working.  As you can see from the screen shot above, it is.  Google appears to have updated their images and I think that is actually GANNET in her slip.  I have the Yellowbrick set to transmit a position every six hours.  If the current forecasts are accurate I am likely to depart either tomorrow afternoon or Monday morning.  The variable is getting away from the slip.  GANNET is easily blown around and she is underpowered.  Moorings are easier.  If I leave tomorrow afternoon I am likely to anchor for the night in Port Royal Sound and head offshore Sunday.

I have checked several sources and been downloading GRIBs.  There is no prevailing wind off this coast and next week the wind looks to be all over the place, with another front due the following weekend, so don’t be surprised if our course is all over the place or if we stop and heave to.

You will see us move when we do at:

I watched the first half of the three hour long JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG last evening.  I saw it when it was first released in 1961.  I was in college then.  I admired the film.  I admire it even more now and am looking forward to watching the last half this evening.  It is superbly directed, acted and written.  I checked to see what film won best movie in 1961.  JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG was nominated, but WEST SIDE STORY won.  WEST SIDE STORY is an entertaining musical.  JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG is a great and even minded film about serious matters.

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