Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Hilton Head Island: south; spectacular; clean

Above SPARTINA and Steve Earley heading south yesterday morning.  They crossed the Savanna River this morning and are now in Georgia.

Last evening I glanced up and saw this.  Unedited.  Just the way it came from my iPhone.  They aren’t all like this, but when one is you are going to have to endure a photo.

Yesterday a diver was supposed to clean GANNET’s bottom.  I walked down this morning.  He had.  Bottom cleaning, like boat insurance, is many times more expensive in Hilton Head than it was in San Diego.  Insurance for GANNET in California cost $160 per year.  Last year here it was $760 for the same coverage from the same company.  Obviously California does not have hurricane risks.  Yet.  In San Diego I paid $40 or $50 to have GANNET’s bottom cleaned.  I don’t yet know what yesterday’s diver will charge, but he has a $140 minimum, and the last diver charged $240.  Perhaps this is alligator hazard pay.  We have seen gators in marina waters, but very infrequently and I have never heard of a diver being eaten.

While on the little boat I did an inventory of stores and found that I probably have enough on board to cross an ocean, with some exceptions.  I disposed of two boxes of soggy crackers and a container of fossilized dates.  I’ll top up on juice, crackers, cheese, chocolate, cookies, dried fruit, and a few other items.  And the liquor locker is presently empty.  GANNET has never been and will never be a dry boat in any respect.

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