Friday, December 6, 2019


I thank Jay’s daughter who brought the 2013 Academy Award winning documentary, SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN, to Jay’s attention, and I thank Jay for bringing it to mine.  

The Sugar Man of the title is the singer Rodriquez who is said to have been the greatest 70s rock icon who never was.  His albums did not sell in the United States and he was forgotten here, but copies somehow reached South Africa where, unknown to himself, he was bigger than The Rolling Stones.

Almost no details were known about his life.  It was rumored that he had committed suicide, possibly on stage either by shooting himself or lighting himself on fire.  A South African journalist decided to try to unravel the mystery.  This excellent film is about that quest.

Until Jay wrote me about it, I did not know of the film or Rodriquez.  I watched SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN yesterday and am still enthused.  It is the most enjoyable film I have watched in a long time.  I liked it considerably more than THE IRISHMAN.

I am not going to say anything more because I don’t want to spoil the experience for you.  I watched on Netflix.  SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN can be rented from several sources, including iTunes and Amazon.  If you watch, I guarantee you, too, will want to thank Jay’s daughter and Jay.

As Steve pointed out initially the previous post was headed ‘San Diego’.   Obviously anyone who misplaces himself by two thousand miles is senile.  I am in Evanston.  Therefore obviously I am senile.  I thank Steve for alerting me and have made the correction.

In that post I predicted that Apple will use the AirPod Pros to take over the hearing aid industry.  I have since learned that there is already a hearing aid function which Apple calls ‘Live Listen’.  It uses your phone to collect and amplify sound that is then transmitted to the AirPods.  I have set it up but not yet utilized it.  Certainly this is only the first step.