Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Denver, NC: beyond me; precocious; swing keels

From time to time I try to read about quantum mechanics.  I usually understand the words, but I utterly fail to understand quantum mechanics.  Perhaps I am not alone.

Yesterday the NY TIMES ran an article part of which is about what may have been a recent epoch changing event.

Last month, at a lab in Santa Barbara, Calif., a team of Google researchers reached a milestone that some compared to the first flight at Kitty Hawk. They reached “quantum supremacy,” building a quantum computer that needed only 3 minutes 20 seconds to perform a calculation that today’s computers couldn’t finish in 10,000 years.

The article proceeds to provide answers from experts to the question what is a quantum computer “that anyone can understand.”  Being entitled to be included in ‘anyone’, I can declare conclusively that they failed.

Here is a link to the article for you to decide for yourself.


Last evening Barry, my brother-in-law and I went out to get Chinese food for all those gathered here.  The pleasant Chinese lady behind the counter who recognized Barry said, “Oh, is this your father?”  Barry laughed and said no.  

Barry is 67 and does look younger.  I am 78.  To be his father I would have had to have been extremely precocious.  

You may now refer to me as ‘Gramps’.  Don’t be disappointed if I don’t respond.

A comment on one of my videos strangely appears in my email account but not on the YouTube page where I could respond to it, so in hopes that D Douglas reads this  I will answer here.

What are your, or anyone's, thoughts on taking a Catalina 25 Swing Keel offshore? I mean like Bermuda and beyond offshore. I also understand a rigging upgrade is in the offing but primarily wondering about a swing keel configuration in nasty blows. Had I to do it over I believe I would have gotten a full keel yet, it is what it is.

All my boats except CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE have had fixed fin keels.  That would still be my choice for going offshore.  However, CT had a centerboard and was unballasted.  She sailed more than 20,000 miles and crossed the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  I know of a Catalina with a swing keel that circumnavigated.  I do not recall if it was a 25 or a 27.

I believe that my sailing experience proves beyond doubt that small boats can cross oceans, but I don’t believe that all can.  What is critical is that they be well designed, well built, and well sailed.

I have never sailed or even been on a Catalina so have no opinion as to whether they meet those criteria.