Saturday, January 12, 2019

Skull Creek: 9º

        Our clear blue sky has been replaced  by clouds which have brought with them temperatures 9ºF/5ºC warmer.  45º in the Great Cabin when I woke this morning and this afternoon temperature in the mid-50s rather than the mid-40s.  A surprisingly dramatic difference and reduction of discomfort.
        I oiled the interior wood this morning, went ashore, biked to a supermarket that I thought had Medjool dates and dried figs.  It didn’t.   I’ve looked at the other two supermarkets I can bike to without success.  I may look again.  I also still would like to buy a 12 pack of Heineken which I could not carry back today.
        In passing, permit me to say how much I like to bike ride on the paths and trails here.  It is simply an old man having fun.
        I came back to GANNET and touched up the deck paint and stowed a few things.
        I am through with the deck, which is not a good job, but will pass my standard of being viewed a boat length away.  I would like to put a second coat of oil on the interior wood, which I expect to do tomorrow morning if it is not raining.  Once the wood is oiled, I need to get off the boat to let it dry.
        GANNET and I presently smell of paint, Deks Olje, and turpentine.  Not quite a breath of the open ocean. 
        I also would like to scrub the Raptor non-skid pads.
        David emailed me with the observation that from the GRIBs Monday would be a good day to depart,  He is absolutely right, but I won’t be ready to leave.  GANNET will only have been back in the water a week on Tuesday.  A package I expected to be delivered today is now shown for delivery Tuesday.  It is not essential and I could leave without it, but as many of you will know I like to prepare for passages in a measured manner.  I never do anything at the last minute.  And I like once preparations are complete to sit and look around and consider.
        So I won’t depart Monday.  And I will hope that a month of strong south winds does not develop.