Saturday, September 9, 2017

Evanston: waiting

        I am trying to suspend judgement and expectation, but the above screen shot of an HRRR GRIB on LuckGrib, which Craig McPheeters, LuckGrib’s creator, tells me is the highest resolution model available shows at 3 a.m. tomorrow, Irma’s center passing west of Key West and wind at Marathon of 55 knots, gusting 79.
        Naturally I have thought of what I will do if I lose GANNET.  I have put a lot of time and money and myself into the little boat.  She suits me perfectly and may be irreplaceable.
        I thank Craig for the guidance.  I was unaware of the HRRR, which is updated hourly and easily downloaded in LuckGrib.  I will be doing so frequently.


        Another friend, Michael, is a 911 dispatcher for the Key West Police Department and as essential personnel has remained in Key West.  He will be in the police station for the duration.  
        He continues to update his site.  For a view of ground zero go here.
        I wish him and all those who are taking risks to help others safety. 


        Today is beautiful in Evanston.  Sunny, clear blue sky, 66ºF/19ºC.  Two weeks ago GANNET and I were on a mooring at Sombrero Light.  Rather different there tonight.