Monday, September 11, 2017

Evanston: waiting with hope

        Karen Webb just posted the above aerial view of the Marathon Boat Yard post-Irma.  She drew the red circle to indicate the position of her and Flip's boat, REVERIE.  Florida Bay is north at the top of the image.   Boot Key Harbor, Boot Key, and the Atlantic Ocean south beyond the bottom of the picture.
        Encouragingly the yard and surrounding area appear to be pretty much intact.  Most of the boats, even those close to the water seem to have remained on their stands.
        GANNET is not visible, nor could she be from this perspective even with higher resolution.  She is at the very top of the right hand line of boats, hidden behind a Cal 40 being restored that has its mast down.  There is reason to hope.
        For those of you unfamiliar with the Florida Keys, they present especially difficult  recovery problems.  There is only one road in, sometimes four lanes, sometimes two, with forty-two bridges, all of which have to be inspected and, if necessary, repaired, before people other than rescue and repair workers, will be allowed back in.  Electricity, fresh water and sewage systems will have to be restored.  I expect that many who have become accustomed to ignoring natural forces and having their comfortable needs met will soon be complaining about delays.  I will not be among them.  I don’t expect definite news about GANNET for days, possibly weeks.
        You know how much I admire the little boat, who I consider to be a masterpiece.  The past few days when I have contemplated losing her have made me appreciate her even more.