Friday, December 16, 2016

Evanston: tough; best boat speakers; schizophrenic

        From Tucker comes a link to an admirably tough family who, among other things, have sailed the Northwest Passage in an unheated boat because of excessive condensation inside the hull.
        I lined THE HAWKE OF TUONELA’s hull and overhead with a layer of thin insulation called, if I remember correctly, Reflectix.  It was essentially bubble wrap covered with aluminum foil on both sides.  Not the best insulation, but it did prevent condensation during the five years we lived aboard in Boston’s sometimes frozen harbor.
        GANNET would not be a good cold weather boat.  Even in much less severe temperatures, condensation forms on the inside of her unlined hull just from my breath and body heat.
        I thank Tucker for the link.


        I took the photo the other evening when Carol had an after hours work event.
        Martini to the left, the side where I can see it.
        The rectangular coffee table has been distorted by the panorama.
        Carol’s 13” MacBook Air is to the left.  My 12” MacBook to the right.
        My last laptop was a 13” Air.  I thought it was svelte until I got the MacBook last year.  Although the screen is only an inch smaller,  the MacBook weighs a pound less than the Air.  A pound doesn’t seem like much difference, but it is.  
        The blue and black cylinders on the far corners of the table are UE Boom 2 bluetooth speakers for when I want to listen to music instead of sports announcers while watching a game and don’t want to wear headphones.
        Some of you may recall that I have UE Megabooms on GANNET.  When I bought them, the Megabooms were waterproof, but the original Booms were not.  Now the Boom 2s are waterproof and are in my opinion the perfect boat speakers.
        The sound from an individual Boom 2 is good.  Two linked in stereo are great.  
        This, of course, is coming from an old man who needs a hearing aid, but the speakers are praised on many sites by younger and presumably unimpaired reviewers. 
        If you buy two, buy them in different colors and rename them in the app, so you know which you are connecting to in the bluetooth menu on your device.
        Carol is responsible for the Christmas decorations.  
        I water the tree.


        A new definition.
        Schizophrenic:  a solo sailor on Facebook.
        I know that there are solo sailors on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean the definition is wrong.