Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Evanston: R2AK; health benefits; sailing the condo

        An interesting race is underway from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska, a distance of 750 miles with almost no rules other than that the boats can have no engine or support team.  
        Doryman was at the start and has posted photos on his site.  You need to scroll down past ‘Classic Mariners Regatta’.
        Doryman  has been busy lately.  Continue below the R2AK to find his circumnavigation of Lopez Island in his 23’ Stone Horse, BELLE STARR.
        As I wrote to Doryman, it is odd that the northwest is the only corner of the U.S. in which I have not lived for it might suit me best.
        I have not sailed the R2AK course, but I did once transit it in the other direction in December on what was known as the Alaskan Maritime Highway, a kind of cruise ship without frills on which even in winter some passengers pitched tents outside on the upper deck.
        Much of the way is sheltered from the open ocean, but not all, and the middle of the race could be rough.  Even the more sheltered waters have strong currents, shipping and logs floating on or just below the surface.
        You can learn more about the race and follow it here.
        Whoever writes the site is very engaging.  Read the FAQ.  If you know who he or she is, give him or her my compliments.
        As I have noted here before ‘adventure’ is among the most misused words today.  
        The R2AK is truly an adventure.

        From Larry comes “The Health Benefits of Sailing” for which I thank him.
        As though you need an excuse.
        Not all apply.
        Sailing GANNET alone does little for my communication skills.


        Zane in New Zealand is worried that I miss the ocean, which of course I do, and has provided a link that brings the sounds of the sea to our condo. Also a good many others, including the jungle.
       Quite realistic, but not GANNET.