Thursday, June 18, 2015

Evanston: many, many (thirsty) people; YOUNGER NEXT YEAR; neighbors

        While watching a Copa America soccer match last evening between Columbia and Brazil, I wondered what the population of Brazil, by far the largest serious soccer playing nation, is now.  Google provided the above which surprises in several ways.  
        Three of these countries—India, Pakistan and Bangladesh—were part of British India which, if still one, would have more people than China.
        Three countries are projected to have smaller populations in 2050 than now:  Russia and Japan dramatically so; China slightly.
        And, most surprising of all, is that the United States  population is projected to increase by 37%, only 1% less than Pakistan and Bangladesh.
        The national parks, beaches and freeways are going to be really crowded.
        If you are dreaming of sailing around the world, you may want to do so soon before the new billions turn to desalinization and drink the oceans dry.

        Of soccer there is a lot going on.
        In addition to the Copa America for South and Central American countries being held in Chile, the World Men’s Under 20 competition is being held in New Zealand—the U.S. was eliminated in a penalty shootout in the quarter finals; New Zealand in the group stage.  The Women’s World Cup is being held in Canada, where the U.S. woman are favored, but haven’t been impressive so far.  And a couple of weeks ago the U.S. men beat both The Netherlands and Germany in those countries.  These were friendlies and the results would likely have been different in real competition, but still it was the first time the U.S. men had beaten either country in their own homes, and U.S. players displayed impressive skills in doing so.


        Joe, owner of Moore 24 #67 which I am told is going to be renamed RAVEN—power to the birds!—is a physician who kindly sent me a copy of YOUNGER NEXT YEAR for which I thank him.  I have since learned that the book has been around for a decade.  If, like me,  you have never heard of it, you should.  And perhaps that’s why Joe sent me a copy because I don’t think I’m the target audience.  I will not retire until life retires me.
        The message is simple:  our bodies have evolved to forage and hunt.  When we lead sedentary lives they decay and send the wrong signals to the brain.  Exercise prevents and reverses decay and can enable people to be active and healthy until death.
        Hardly original, but it is presented persuasively; but this is not snake oil, but science.
        The book is written by two men:  Henry(Harry) Lodge, an internist of high reputation, and Chris, a former lawyer who is one of Dr. Lodge’s patients.
        Each writes separate, usually alternating chapters. 
        Chris’s are mostly cheerleading, salesmanship and pep talks. I don’t need that and skimmed them.
        Harry’s provide the science.  I knew some of this, but not all.  I read his chapters carefully and with interest.
        One take away from the book is that you need to exercise six days a week for the rest of your life.  Seven is better.  Which is the intent of the Apple activity app.  The book has caused me to wonder what my primitive brain makes of those days when I am storm bound on GANNET and hardly move at all.
        Reportedly more than a million copies of the book have been sold.  The telling statistic would be how many of those buyers exercised today.

        When I walked down to the lake yesterday I turned right instead of left as I usually do and returned through Calvary Cemetery.
        Quiet neighbors.
        A line from Longfellow I misremembered:

            Life is real!  Life is earnest!
            And the grave is not its goal.

       Which brings us back to soccer.