Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Evanston: drone over Antarctica; more attractive; race; whittled

        At The Verge website I came across a link to a spectacular video shot from a drone controlled by the crew of a sailboat cruising Antarctica.  Among the better ways you can spend eight minutes today.


       If you can find two more minutes, here is an article and a short video about gannets.  I thank both Grant and Mark for bringing it to my attention.

        Melanie Wells, the researcher who narrates the video, describes gannets as something like sea gulls “but a lot more attractive.”  She is right.  We are.


        The dramatic top photo is from Audrey and Kent who restore and sail an ever changing fleet of small sailboats, including a Drascombe Lugger, from their home in Florida.  I thank them for permission to use it.
        Kent emailed:  “Took two boats out today, so I guess it was a race.  Audrey won.”

        For myself I’m slowly accumulating stuff to take back to GANNET.  So far, a tape measure in inches to replace one that died of salt water.  A roll of clear duct tape that isn’t available at the Opua chandleries.  A UE Megaboom waterproof Bluetooth speaker with superior sound to the EcoXgear speaker.  More to come.
        I’ve also been making routine medical appointments.  
        Yesterday to the skin cancer clinic where three bits were cut off and various others frozen.
        I am being cut down to size.