Thursday, January 17, 2019

Skull Creek: drying day

        40ºF/4.4ºC when I woke at 7 this morning has become 60ºF/15.5ºC this afternoon with as you can observe in the above photo almost no wind.  GANNET’s hull is, of course, not insulated and considerable condensation forms inside at night.  I hope not ice this weekend. 
        I scrubbed mold from the overhead and sides of the Great Cabin and then have left the hatches open to let some fresh air in.  Sleeping bags, pillow, various moldy hats are drying on deck, where several solar lights are charging.
        In studying the various weather sources, I now don’t see my departure before a week from today.
        That means I am going to have to do another load of laundry, buy another roll of paper towels, another box of Kleenex, and another box of Cheese-Its.  I've already eaten half my passage Cheese-Its.