Saturday, January 19, 2019

Skull Creek: dogged and mugged

        Being bored last evening while listening to music I Goggled ‘A sailor is an artist whose medium is the wind’ to see what is new.
        While I admit to not understanding the women’s shoe ad that used my words,
this photo of a dog captioned ‘A sailor is an artist whose medium is the wind’ is absurd.  The site is Russian.  Maybe it makes sense in that language.
        The top dog, as indeed she is, is Tom’ inestimable Sea Beagle, Baby, on Alert.  I would be honored if she were captioned with my words.
        I also found that I have been mugged.

        Click here and then click on ‘Images’ and scroll down you will find the mug and the dog and a navy vessel and photographs and drawings and paintings.  I did not realize I am so famous.  Or a few of my words are.


        A pleasant afternoon with a high of 68ºF/20ºC, which is rather nice for mid-winter, is turning windy with the approach of a cold front due tonight with rain and gale force winds.
        Today has been the first that the weather sources did not push back my possible departure date.  At the moment all agree that following another front in mid-week, starting Friday the wind will be from the north and west for several days.  If the forecasts remain constant, GANNET and I will sail Friday.