Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Skull Creek: countdown

        First light is around 7 AM.  I woke, found no wind, and quickly mounted the Torqeedo on the stern and powered around to side tie on the outside of A Dock.  GANNET is on the launching pad.
        Later in the morning I came up to the condo intending do a last load of wash and to bike for the last time to a supermarket and liquor store, but I have become trapped by unexpected rain.  According to the Dark Sky app it is due to end soon and when my clothes come out of the dryer I will bike to buy a few odds and ends and to procure another bottle of Laphroaig.  As much as possible essential systems should be backed up.


        I received a couple of queries about my sleeping bag system.  It was a most appreciated gift from Tom, who steers boats for Baby, the sea beagle.  I checked and found a label with Tennier Industries on it.  I Googled Tennier Industries and found what I believe is my system for sale many places, Amazon of course among them.

        I have been very comfortable in the bags at near freezing temperatures but hope never to come close to testing the -30º claim.