Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Evanston: perfect silence

        Initially the words heading this entry were separated by a semi-colon, but as I think you will see it is better this way.
        Yesterday was perfect.  The day before saw tornados not far away and tonight more severe weather is due.  But yesterday was perfect:  mid-70sF/low 20sC.  Sunny.  Light to moderate wind.
I walked down to the lake and then turned north and kept walking just for the pleasure of it.  Lunch on our small balcony.  An evening martini there with Carol when she came home.

        That was the perfect; the silence is Guy Dickinson’s luminous website, tracing silence.  I thank Douglas for bringing it to my attention.  He thought I would find a kindred spirit and I have, even to the point that Guy Dickinson has not a blog, but a journal.  
        There are evocative photographs of the wilderness  into which he walks, as I sail into the monastery of the sea, and excellent quotes.  My favorite from Jorge Luis Borges:  “Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence.”
        We differ perhaps in that Guy Dickinson embraces, perhaps even seeks, discomfort and I try to avoid it as I do adventure, though I accept that on the edge of human experience some discomfort is likely.  If it were easy there would be a crowd sprawled in lounge chairs drinking beer.
        So no semicolon.  Perfect and silence belong together.
        I expect Guy Dickinson would agree.