Friday, September 22, 2023

Hilton Head Island: Ordinary Men; broken; shot; written on water

I watched ORDINARY MEN, an extremely disturbing documentary on Netflix the other evening and highly recommend that you do, too.  In fact if I could I would make viewing compulsory for everyone everywhere.

The documentary is about how and why Germans in special units murdered more than a million Jews.  The Nazis murdered at least six times more than that, but the documentary is only about those police units.  It is disturbing for the footage showing some of the mass murders and because as the title states most of the murderers were not fanatical Nazis or sadistic killers.  They were ordinary men such as are in the majority of every society I have experienced in person or have read about.

I increasingly believe our extreme summer heat has broken.  Long before climate change, the Low Country was too damn hot in the summer.  The marsh has now been pleasant for several days.  I am routinely breakfasting on the screened porch and having a drink there or on the deck in the evening.  High temperatures have been in the high 70s and low 80s F/ mid-20s C.  It is no longer necessary to engage in outdoor activities only in the early morning.  I went for a walk today starting at noon and hardly broke a sweat.  Two weeks ago I would never have even considered a walk at noon.  The marsh is again becoming paradise.

I have two slightly sore arms.  Yesterday I biked four miles to a Walgreens and got the latest COVID and flu shots.  My appointment was at 10:30.  That, too, meant biking later in the day than I would have wanted to not long ago.  

I am not certain how many COVID shots I have had.  Four or maybe five.  Whatever the number I am not susceptible to conspiracy theories and will keep on getting them whenever advised to do so by the CDC.

My main site is back online.  That loud sound you hear is the world’s collective sigh of relief.

It was down for four days.  I was told by various members of the webhost’s support team that a server became corrupted—I expect by spending too much time on social media—and that all the data on it had to be transferred to another server.  In doing so they messed up the connection to mine. After several futile phone calls, eventually I reached a man named Roger who fixed it.  I thank him.

I have the site on an old laptop that I keep just for that purpose, but uploading it presents technical difficulties that are not of much interest.

There is a lot of me in that site.  Perhaps more than any other single place.  And I realize how dependent it is on factors beyond my control.  I have been thinking about what to do about that.

When I was in Fremantle, Australia, now more than twenty years ago during my fifth circumnavigation, some Buddhist monks went to the shore at low tide and drew elaborate and beautiful designs in the sand, knowing they would be erased in a few hours as the tide rose.


Anonymous said...

"There is a lot of me in that site. Perhaps more than any other single place. And I realize how dependent it is on factors beyond my control. I have been thinking about what to do about that."

Webb Chiles: The Autobiography ~ A Life of Wind, Water, and Women.

Shawn Stanley said...

Any weather from Opheila in your neck of the woods..I am thinking just some showers and maybe an occasional wisp of breeze. I am hopeful she is as she is (I know you do not like naming storms), and just passes thru us here in the Chesapeake Bay. I have done all I can..Our biggest threat is my carport turned workshop flooding 5 feet above sea level. I can handle 6 or 7, at 8 feet of surge, I have bigger issues and it starts effecting electric in the house..I am guessing most of this was put in way before the recent global warming and sea rise 40 years ago.

Webb said...

To Anonymous:
A good suggestion. I have thought of that. Even that title or a close variation, although I don’t know how to write about the women without invading their privacy, and I don’t know if I still have the concentration and discipline to write three or four hundred words first thing every morning for months to finish a first draft. I do have the time.

To Shawn:

We have been lucky so far this year. Ophelia was too far east to have any significant effect here. We had wind yesterday in the teens with a few gusts in the low 20s. Savannah television news sent a reporter to a beach near there who talked about dangerous conditions but when you looked over his shoulder you saw 2’ waves. I hope you fair well.

Rich Pereira said...

Hi Web, I saw your comment, “There is a lot of me in that site…I have been thinking about what to do about that.” Probably the best thing to do is to make sure that content on your website is backed up in multiple places. The first thing I would recommend is to contact your new friend “Roger” at the web hosting company and get his advice about your best options. If he doesn’t have any recommendations, there are many somewhat user friendly website backup tools such as cPanel, Filezilla and others.
In addition to that I would say that the content on your site and your books are definitely worthy of being archived in the National Library of Congress! Thanks for sharing all your great content!

Webb said...

Thanks, Rich, for the good advice. I don’t have any certain way to get in touch with Roger, but will check out other possibilities.

Anonymous said...

"I don’t know how to write about the women without invading their privacy...."

You could write something similar to below as part of a prologue?

"Of the women I write about in this autobiography, I loved all of them at one time. I have kept personal details of our relationships to a minimum but have written about them as they exist in my memory and weaved in as part of my life story. These women may have different perspectives of their time with me. And that is fine. The purpose of my mention of these women throughout this autobiography is not to provide tabloid like salacious comment in order to sell books. Instead, I hope I have written about them in a manner that is both respectful and true to the spirit of our time together. I considered leaving my relationships out of this story of my life, but that would have made such an important part of my life incomplete for the reader."

Webb said...

That is very good indeed. Who is the source?

Anonymous said...

The guy posting it. I think?

Anonymous said...

Regarding ‘Ordinary Men’, I remember asking my parents 55+ years ago “how could an entire nation go insane!”. Their answers didn’t come close to those provided within ‘Ordinary Men’.

Frightening, revealing and cautionary all apply. Thanks for the lead…