Monday, February 22, 2021

Hilton Head Island: my seventh circumnavigation

 You may be surprised to learn that if I can get GANNET out of her slip tomorrow against expected NNW wind I will embark on my seventh circumnavigation.  This one will be more modest than the first six.  I propose to circumnavigate Hilton Head Island which is only eleven miles long.  If all goes well this will take three days.  Remember that I’m old and slow.  I plan to anchor for two nights and sip desirable liquids and listen to music without being concerned that I am bothering anyone and watch sunsets.  It will not be a great adventure, but if you have been paying attention you know I do not seek adventures.  I hope it will be enjoyable.  I am a married monk, but like other married monks in the past, I do seek pleasure.

If you want to follow I will set the Yellowbrick to update positions every hour while I am underway.  

Surely you have the tracking page bookmarked among your favorites.  In the remote chance you inexplicably have failed to do this the tracking page is: