Wednesday, March 4, 2020

San Diego: the joy of anchoring

I am still at anchor off South Mission Beach.  I have only been at anchor three or four days since leaving Darwin, Australia almost three years ago.  I have long preferred to be at anchor or on a mooring than tied to a dock.  GANNET seems alive at anchor as she does not tied to a dock, swinging with the wind and tide, surrounded by water even though the distance to shore is slight.  It is wonderful.

There are few places in San Diego where you are allowed to anchor and all are regulated.    You are only permitted to anchor in Mariners Cove, where I am, for 72 hours in I think a one week period.  I will take GANNET back to her dock tomorrow, but I may return here before I fly to Chicago three weeks from yesterday.

In Hilton Head there are infinite secluded and quiet anchoring possibilities.  I am looking forward to exploring them.  Perhaps they will be enough.