Monday, April 29, 2019

San Diego: six

       Not able to reach San Diego before dark, I hove to last evening at about 7 PM eight miles SSW of Point Loma which marks the entrance to San Diego Bay.
        I went to sleep early, woke at 10 PM to find we had hardly moved.  Woke at midnight to find us being blown west at two knots.
        I got up, got into my foul weather gear, and started sailing back east.
        I set an alarm for 3 AM and dozed some at Central, but woke before the alarm went off.  I trimmed and retrimmed the sails to put us just off Point Loma at first light at 4:30 and we were.
       There was a quiet sense of satisfaction as we rounded Point Loma and entered the bay.
        In smoother water I fit the Torqeedo, which started as it should, dock lines, and fenders.
        I thought it odd that several sailboats passed us heading out, motorsailing with main up, until I reached the Customs dock and found it almost full of boats returning from the Ensenada Race.
        I also found on the dock a small unexpected welcoming party of friends who had seen our Yellowbrick position.  
        It was a hard passage.  Hard without any severe weather.  Hard with windless wastes beyond my experience or imaginagtion.  Hard with the last 1500 miles hard on the wind.
        I will write more in time.
        I have numerous emails to respond to.  I thank you all now generally for your congratulations and will individually when I can.
        This is a significant day in my life:  the end of the second part and the beginning of the third.
        November 11, 1941.   November 2, 1974.  April 29, 2019.