Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Balboa Yacht Club: gone

        I’m actually not gone until tomorrow morning, but shortly after posting this, taking my last fresh water shower for the indefinite future, and filling a one gallon plastic container with water, I will ride the launch out to GANNET and leave the land and Internet behind.
        I came in at 7 this morning to do my laundry.  
        The washing machine was fine and only cost fifty cents a load.  I only had one load.  But the drier didn’t do its job, so I took my still damp clothes out to GANNET where I spread them on deck and let the sun do its.
        When I came in again to have lunch with new friends, a 50’ catamaran was tied to the outside of the pier.  A man on deck was filling eight jerry cans with diesel.  This presumably in addition to whatever the boat carried in its build-in tanks.  Many ‘sailboats’ are really powerboats with masts.
        I expect to sail off the mooring around dawn tomorrow.
        I will turn the Yellowbrick on tonight set to update positions every six hours.
        The tracking page is:
        I wish you joy.