Monday, August 27, 2018

Evanston: iron; order; tranquility

        My friend Michael has an iron butt.  Actually I think he has three.  Use some imagination.
        There exists something called the Iron Butt Association—I am not making this up—with something like 40,000 members.  Members get certificates or something for completing various rides such as 1000 miles in 24 hours or 1500 miles in 36 hours on two wheels.  Michael has done both of these and recently did another 1500 mile run, this time on a 200 cc Burgman scooter, roughly the equivalent of making an ocean passage on a Drascombe Lugger.
        You can read about his ride from the Florida Keys to Niagara Falls at his Key West Diary.  I who do not like motorized vehicles and no longer even drive find his passage interesting.  
        But don’t stop reading there.  Continue to scroll to the excellent poem, ‘The Idea of Order in Key West’ by Wallace Stevens, accompanied by some of Michael’s apposite photographs.  I know Stevens, but did not know that poem, which I have now read three times.


        The lovely photo was taken by Barry of Steve Earley on SPARTINA a few evenings ago and is titled, ‘Anchoring Out After Dinner.’


        I am counting down.  We fly to Savannah this Friday.
        The YellowBrick is charged.  I have reserved a gallon of bottom paint at the Hilton Head West Marine in case I have time in the Chesapeake to haul and antifoul.  I am transferring a few photos and videos to a flash drive to use in my speech, which may be speeches.  I am out of Laphroaig.
        It is time to go.