Friday, April 27, 2018

Hilton Head Island: doomed; a tour; glassd

        For the past two days this has been among the ten most viewed articles at the GUARDIAN.  Increasingly it seems that these may be the Good Old Days.


        Having read Meyer Hillman’s quite plausible prediction, you may need a drink.  I thank Ian for this link to a tour of the source of my favorite liquid.
        Though I find John Campbell intelligible, I am amused that someone thought it necessary to provide subtitles in English.  When Carol and I spent a few days in Scotland many years ago, the locals did seem to be speaking a foreign language.
        The video caused me to feel acutely my lack of Laphroaig.  I biked 3.58 miles (as shown by my activity app) to the nearest liquor store this morning and bought a bottle.  Also one of Botanist, which also comes from Islay.  
        Given time I hope to visit the island whose economy I so diligently and ardently support.


        Another lovely day here.
        I am so glad to have the wind and sky and tide be a part of my life again.