Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Evanston: a good fortune; charging; joy

        I have never found anything but bland truisms inside fortune cookies, but Steve Earley, of SPARTINA fame, received the above a few nights ago with his take-away order of Kung Pao Chicken, steamed rice and egg roll.  
        Is there somewhere a Chinese sailor making fortune cookies?


        Once you turn a Yellowbrick tracker on, it can never be turned completely off.  I don’t know why, but you can’t.  Even in deactivated mode there is slight usage that when the unit is left for two or more months, as I too often do, completely drains the battery.  Returning to GANNET this has caused me grief because when I plug the unit in, often it shows that it is charging but the percentage remains at 0 for hours.  Sometimes I have been able to rectify this by changing to a different USB cable.  Sometimes it has finally resolved itself.
        So I brought the unit back to Evanston with me from Hilton Head and every couple of weeks I check and recharge it.  I am doing so now.  I should have been doing this all along.  Sometimes it takes me a while to get things right.


        A gray and gloomy morning in the upper flatlands with rain and possible snow in the forecast. 
        I move from one flatland to another.
        Evanston is 600’ above sea level.  Hilton Head 0 to 28.24’ above sea level and decreasing.  That of course is not the only difference.  Hilton Head is presently exactly twice as warm as Evanston:  74ºF/23.3C to 37ºF/2.7C.  I fly there three weeks from today.
        So the link to this video sent by James is particularly appreciated.
        I thank him for the Joy.  (Ode to).  
        I hope it brings you some.