Friday, January 19, 2018

Marathon: condo-ed; leaving

        The Hilton Head condo is now ours.  The transaction, which was first scheduled to close just after Christmas, finally did close this morning.  
        We are pleased.


        I configured GANNET’s interior into passage mode this morning and unless you hear otherwise will leave the dock tomorrow.  Depending on conditions I may pick up a mooring at Sombrero Light or I may keep on sailing.
        I am not seeing the weather forecast I want.  No west or south wind, so I will sail with east wind which will require some tacking the first forty or fifty miles.
        Next Tuesday or Wednesday the wind will turn north for a couple of days and be twenty+ knots, gusting perhaps to gale force, before veering east again, then southeast.  Once I’m past Key Largo east wind is fine.
        I may go into port to wait out the north wind.  Fort Pierce is most likely.  Or I may ride it out at sea.  
        If GANNET’s Yellowbrick track resembles that she drew last February off Cape Agulhas, do not be alarmed.
        With favorable wind, I would expect to reach Hilton Head Island in five days.  Obviously I am not going to have favorable wind, so it will take longer.  How much longer I do not know.
        If I remember I will set the Yellowbrick to upload positions every two hours for the first full sailing day rather than every four.  After the first day it will be four hour intervals as usual.
        I wish you joy.