Thursday, January 4, 2018

Evanston: committed; drinking Shackleton’s; the next recession; mutiny

        While some think I should be committed, this ‘committed’ is to keeping GANNET on the east coast this year.  I just mailed an annual contract and check to Skull Creek Marina.
        The condo purchase has still not closed.  Two pieces of paper, one from the seller, one from the condo association are needed, and now the winter storm has brought business on Hilton Head Island to a halt.  While it is much colder in Chicago than Hilton Head, almost unbelievably they have more snow on the ground than we do.  I have read reports of as much as 4.5 inches.
        Nevertheless I have grown tired of waiting.
        Whether we buy this place or not, I will sail north later this month and quite probably, unless hurricanes intervene, to the Chesapeake Maritime Museum Small Boat Festival in October.
        I expect to be arrive in Hilton Head about February 1 which will enable me to depart for Panama just before the contract expires next year.


        I had read, probably in New Zealand, that bottles of whisky left by one of Ernest Shackleton’s expeditions a century ago had been discovered and found still to be drinkable.  Now, as an article in the NEW YORK TIMES relates, the spirit has been replicated and will soon be on sale for $160+ a bottle.
        From the description, too high a price and too little peat for me. 


        I am aware that attention spans have been reduced to near vanishing point.  Even the weather woman on our local ABC station says ‘temps’ instead of ‘temperature’.  A one syllable world.  A recent article in the WALL STREET JOURNAL leads me to believe that memory span is also severely impaired.  
        Unfortunately the link to the full article now requires a subscription.  I was able to read it yesterday without one.
        The Great Recession was only a decade ago.  
        Let’s see:  We sell a lot of houses to people who can’t afford them.  They predictably don’t make payments.  The mortgages are worthless.  Banks fail.  The whole system collapses.  Sounds good to me.
        Are people really so greedy and so stupid as to do it all again only ten years later?  A rhetorical question whose answer is an obvious ‘YES!’


        I thank Larry for a link to today’s Bizarro cartoon.
        A new cartoon appears every day.
        If you click on this and you don’t see  “Muesli on the BOUNTY” hit the ‘previous’ button until you do.
        One of the advantages of solo sailing is that it reduces the risk of mutiny.
        This crew would not want me to be their captain.