Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Marathon: thanks to Emily

        Yesterday was cloudy and cooler—only 83ºF/28C in the Great Cabin at 4 p.m.—thanks to Tropical Storm/Depression Emily.  I do not see any television here or listen to the radio and so did not know of Emily until Carol mentioned the storm in an email.  The Florida Keys were on the far southern edge of the disturbance.  We had scattered light rain early in the day and an hour or two of downpour in the evening with no significant wind.
        I managed to paint the areas on deck uncovered by the removal of the Aurinco panels, but they are now much whiter than the rest of the deck, so I should repaint the whole thing.
        And I did my laundry.  Clothes become sweat soaked here in minutes.
        I also started an article I promised CLASSIC SAILOR magazine in England about CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE.
        This morning I re-glued a sheet bag I use for stowage in the Great Cabin, cleaned the bilge, changed some wiring in preparation for rewiring the stern solar panels with the new charge boosters/controllers that FedEx emails they have just delivered.
        That will wait until tomorrow morning.  I don’t work in the afternoon.
        Today is again sunny and hot.  
        When I returned from biking to shop the 
Great Cabin was 103F/almost 40C.
        I am writing in shade ashore.