Monday, August 28, 2017

Marathon: dispossessed; a new video

        The slight wind died at sunset Saturday evening and the sea went flat.  I had a pleasant sleep.
        I woke 7 a.m. and had a cup of coffee standing in the companionway.  I snorkeled and came out of the water just as the first day trip dive boat arrived at 9:30.  Dried myself, deflated and stowed the Avon, and sailed off the mooring under jib alone.
        The wind was as light as the day before, but behind us heading back, so I didn’t set the main.  I gybed a few times to keep the jib full.  We didn’t ever see five knots of wind or four knots of boat speed.
        I had the bigger Torqeedo battery fitted and I was curious about its range.  On the iNavX chart I measured the distance from the outer channel marker to Marathon Boat Yard as one nautical mile.  I actually turned the Torqeedo on a hundred yards from that marker and then set our speed at three knots.  Initially the tiller display showed a range of nine miles, but by the time we were tied to the boat yard wall, the remaining charge was 84%, which would indicate a range of about six miles at three knots.  Less than I expected, but more than enough.  
        This morning at first light I went on deck and lowered the jib.  It came down easily.  The old jib was difficult to raise and lower.  I’ve always suspected that the sailmaker installed the wrong size luff tape.
        The deck was still wet with dew, so I left the sail to dry, before trying to fold it.
        I failed utterly.
        The sail is stiff.  Very, very stiff.
        I suppose I could have forced it into folds and then jumped up and down to compact it, but somehow that didn't seem to be a good idea.  
        Eventually I gave up trying and stuffed it unfolded through the forward hatch where it now fully occupies the v-berth,
        I am going to have to sleep on a pipe berth for the next two nights.


        I shot a brief video while beating to the reef on Saturday.  If you are interested it can be viewed here.