Monday, May 1, 2017

St. Lucia: a song never sung before

        Carol returned to find Evanston cool and rainy. 
        Rodney Bay continues to be hot and sunny, but because of the bank holiday it was a slow day for me.  I am ready to go and can’t.
        Two small groceries were open today, the one in the marina and another a block away.  I bought bottles of water, boxes of fruit juice, paper towels, and a few cans of beer.   When I brought them back to GANNET the interior became too cluttered so I went to full passage mode and will sleep tonight on the port pipe berth.
        I am struck by the ease and extra space in arranging GANNET for a two week passage rather than two months.
        I have filled all four water jerry cans, though with the four extra bottles of water I bought, I may only use one.  Every cell in my body is imprinted twice with the terrible memory of almost dying of thirst.  Assuming GANNET makes reasonable progress, I will use some of the extra water for fresh water showers.  I will probably fill the solar shower bag here at the dock and leave it in the cockpit, hopefully not too underfoot.
        My to do list for tomorrow, in no particular order:  
               clear with officials
               fit Torqeedo on stern
               change money (Eastern Caribbean dollars for US)
               pay marina bill
               chandlery for shock cords, electrical crimp connectors
               supermarket:  snacks, chocolate, sausage, bread

        Paul asked why I now go to sea in a boat smaller than THE HAWKE OF TUONELA or RESURGAM.
  I replied:
        The answer can be found in this journal and the passage logs, though I expect not in any one place.
        I like the immediacy of the experience of the sea in small boats, though sometimes it can be too immediate.  Also the simplicity and purity of both the experience and the boats.  And, as with CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE, I wanted a new-to-me experience, with new problems to solve and new challenges, as opposed to old rock stars who forever sing the hits of their youth.  I wanted to sing a new song.  And GANNET and I are a song never sung before.