Friday, May 19, 2017

Marathon: hot and empowered; joy

        At 2:00 in the afternoon the temperature in the Great Cabin was 99.4ºF/37.4ºC with both hatches open.  That was, I hope, the high for the day.  Now at 2:30 it is a degree cooler.  I have a fan on which helps even though it is blowing hot air on me.

        I charged the new Torqeedo battery overnight.  This morning it showed 71% charge.  
        After breakfast of Starbucks instant coffee and fresh blueberries on my uncooked oatmeal, I mounted the Torqeedo on the stern.  A touch on the button and it started.  Forward.  Reverse.  Off.
        I returned the shaft to its stowage place aft and reconnected the battery to the charger.  Now 99% charged. 
        Since I reached Marathon every problem has  been easily solved.  It is starting to get scary.

        The above photo is obviously of an old man having a good time.
        There was a lot of joy during the first ten days of this passage.  Beautiful day after beautiful day of fine sailing.  One afternoon I was so happy I had to take a picture.  This is after all self-portrait in the present sea.