Monday, March 7, 2016

Opua: the passing of the baton; hauling

As you can see above, Mark English’s old carbon fiber tiller is now on GANNET.  In preparing his Moore 24, MAS!, for this years double-handed race from San Francisco to Hawaii, Mark has done a significant refit, including I expect cutting out the transom which necessitates a different tiller.
The tiller went in place quite easily.
One of the three holes at the aft end lined up with the holes in the side plates and the other two required only slight re-drilling.  There is G-10 reenforcement inside the tiller there and at the forward end for the tiller extension bracket.  Mark must use the same kind of tiller extension I do, a Ronstan BattleStick—I don’t make up these names— because the existing screw holes matched my fitting perfectly.
To install the tiller pilot pin, I drilled a ⅜” hole through the top of the tiller and the foam core.  I filled this hole with epoxy.  Let it harden overnight and then drilled a ¼” hole in the epoxy for the pin, which I bedded with 5200.  Today the pin feels as solid as the proverbial rock.
GANNET is now probably the only Moore 24 with three tillers on board.  The third is attached to the emergency rudder.
She also has two tiller covers, and I’m not sure she needs even one.  I will dispose of one in any case.
When I was ashore yesterday I walked down to the boat yard with the intention of arranging to haul out next week if possible.  However, they offered to lift GANNET at 10:30 tomorrow morning, Wednesday here, providing I guaranteed that GANNET won’t break the travel lift. I did.  Out Wednesday, back in next Monday, should give me ample time to anti-foul, touch-up the topsides, and sort out the new gennaker furling gear.
In the above photo you can also see the new flag pole, the old Avon, and the top of the Torqeedo, the various components of which I slithered aft and recovered, along with the outboard mount, from where they are stowed in the stern out of sight and mind.  Once assembled, the battery showed 99% charge, and the motor started at the first push of the button.  Almost an engine to be liked.
        I have little to do this afternoon, which is just as well, because I an equal amount of ambition.