Monday, January 11, 2016

Evanston: an hour of me

        This might seem cruel and unusual punishment, but actually it is only fifty-seven minutes, though there are no commercial breaks.
        A few weeks ago Lauren and Paolo, who produce YouTube videos of conversations with people in various fields, emailed asking if I would be interviewed by them.  I agreed and we did this last Tuesday, Lauren in Los Angeles, Paolo in Rome, and I here in Evanston.  I did not know in advance what questions Lauren and Paolo would ask and afterwards, as is usual, found myself thinking of other responses I might have made.  
        Paolo edited quickly and the video was uploaded yesterday.  Carol and I watched last evening with pleasure, and, despite in the early days of 2016 once saying ‘last year’ when I meant 2014, I am satisfied with my performance.
        Regular readers of this journal will find most of what I say familiar, though Carol, who has been listening to me for more than twenty years, commented that she had never before heard at least one anecdote.  But if you have nothing better to do—and you know you don’t—you can observe an old (sea)lion in his lair here.
        Thank you Lauren and Paolo for your interest and the opportunity perhaps to reach a new audience.