Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Kill Devil Hills: fog; mad cows; information; cheap books; 2015 review

        A foggy day here.  Doesn’t matter.  I love it all.


        A couple of days ago Alan sent me a video from California showing a large shark approaching a small boat whose occupants became, shall we say, agitated.
        In trying to locate it again, I came across a piece listing eleven species that kill more of us than sharks, who are responsible for fewer than six deaths world wide a year.
        Yet I somehow think a movie called, MOOS or CUD is not likely to be as successful as JAWS.


        Less, despite the evening news, you still suffer from the delusion we are an intelligent species, a congresswoman who denies climate change was asked what information could cause her to change her mind.  Her reply:  “No information could cause me to change my mind.”


        About a week ago Larry sent me a link to inelegantly named which sends a daily email of ebooks on sale.  The service is free, so I signed up and have since obtained four books that I otherwise would not have; today a novel, THE WINEMAKER.  None cost more than $1.99 and one, a biography of Mary Shelley, the wife of the poet and the author of FRANKENSTEIN, was free.
        If you read ebooks, you might want to check out Bookbud. 


        I think we can safely say it was a very good year.
        I wish Steve and you many more very good years.