Thursday, December 17, 2015

Evanston: more winter sailing; liquid mountains; a good week off Cape Horn

        Hugh, who lives 150 miles south of Chicago, routinely sails in winter, but usually on ice.  Yesterday he sailed his Tanzer 22 on still liquid Clinton Lake.  A windy day requiring two reefs in the main sail and only a tiny jib.  
        Hugh wrote that the wind decreased some near sunset and he was able to shake out one reef.  Still heeled well over in the photo above.   I thank Hugh for permission to use it.


        I thank Art for this link to dramatic photographs of winter waves on Lake Erie.  I am very glad not to be sailing in them.  


        Jim regularly checks the weather off Cape Horn as I do and wrote that this week looks to be favorable for rounding from the east.  He is correct.

        This is the Windfinder Pro forecast for today and tomorrow.  No winds of gale force are expected through at least December 26, and only about thirty-six hours of more than twenty knots.  Unfortunately GANNET is 13,000 miles out of position or I’d have the new gennaker set and we’d be roaring west.