Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Evanston: "Speak and die."; booked

        Early last year I reread Albert Camus’ THE STRANGER for the first time since college, and because of a recent Algerian novel by Kamel Daoud, THE MEURSAULT INVESTIGATION, I just reread it again.
        Reviews of MEURSAULT in the NY TIMES and THE GUARDIAN caused me to buy a Kindle edition.  Both reviews are justly favorable, though the first sentence in THE GUARDIAN is simply, and simple mindedly, wrong.
        I don’t know that THE MEURSAULT INVESTIGATION is an instant classic; but it is an interesting, and brave, retelling of the killing of a Arab on an Algerian beach from the perspective of that no longer nameless man’s family. 
        Both THE MEURSAULT INVESTIGATION and THE STRANGER are short.  You could read both in one day.  Two is probably better.  
        There is something to be said for reading them in that order, MEURSAULT first, then THE STRANGER to see what Kamel Daoud was reacting to. 
        THE MEURSAULT INVESTIGATION is a brave book because the author has been accused of blasphemy by some Muslims and risks assassination.
        Another Algerian writer, who was killed, said, “If you speak, you die.  If you do not speak, you die.  Speak and die.”

        I have booked my flight to New Zealand, leaving September 8, arriving the 9th, and returning to the U.S. on November 5.
        My main task will be to relocate the mainsheet traveler to the cockpit floor and remove the bridge.
        I may also haul out and antifoul, even though GANNET will be sitting unattended on her mooring for several more months, so there is one less thing to do before I sail on next year.