Sunday, February 8, 2015

Evanston: stolen; need; the right stuff

        This morning I saw in the NEW ZEALAND HERALD a piece about a stolen boat and as I read realized that I know her.  She was taken from a mooring not far from GANNET’s.  A sad thing.  I feel for the owners.
        I think it unlikely that anyone will sail away in GANNET.


        An answer to the off asked why I sail is for the same reason the girl ‘needs’ to play the viola.


        Yesterday afternoon I turned on the television a few minutes before the basketball game between Duke and Notre Dame and saw the last few minutes of an interview with Duke’s coach, Mike Krzyzewski.
        For those to whom his name is not familiar, Mike Krzyzewski is ranked among the greatest basketball coaches, with four national titles, and the only coach whose teams have won more than one thousand games.  He is now sixty-seven, will turn sixty-eight next week, and was asked if he has mellowed with success and age.  This isn’t an exact quote, but as near as I can remember and true to his words.
       “I like to think that I’ve learned over the years, that I’m a better coach now than when I was just starting.  That I’m still learning.  But people somehow believe that you can only have passion when you are young and before you’ve achieved anything.  That once you have a certain amount of success you have nothing left to prove.  But I have not mellowed.  I have as much passion and enthusiasm as I ever did.”