Thursday, December 5, 2013

Evanston: on being a one-eyed photographer

        I walked down to the lake this morning determined to find something to photograph.  
        I do not take photographs as often as I used to in part because of my vision.  I, of course, cannot speak for others, but for myself I have discovered that when I could see with two eyes I unknowingly had a surplus of resources and in addition to my primary activity could look around and take in other details of my surroundings.  With only one eye, I lack that luxury of abundance and need to concentrate all available vision on what I’m doing.  I walk with my eye mostly cast down on the sidewalk ahead of me, frequently glancing up briefly, which is the reverse of my former two-eyed practice.

        Always I have known that to take good photographs, doing so must be your first priority, and I am a writer before I’m a photographer, turning experience into words before images.
        After a heat wave with temperature around 50°F/10°C the past two days, today is a few degrees below freezing with a hard, cold winter sun.  I know the sun is neither hard nor cold; but at a distance of 93,000,000 miles/150,000,000 kilometers, it can seem so in these latitudes.  Still it is welcome and much better than solid low overcast that presses down like a leaden cloak. 
        This photo is more ominous than it seems.
        In a small park a few blocks from our condo, workmen are preparing what will soon be an ice rink.
        Perhaps not coincidentally, I just made my reservations to fly back to San Diego two months from today.  I’ll stay four weeks with the main task being to haul out, anti-foul and, probably, lower the rudder to inspect the shaft and bearings.  The ‘probably’ is dependent on the boat yard.  If it is not convenient, I’ll wait until Opua.

        Of photographs, I added ‘self-portrait in darkness’ to the others on the webb chiles page.
        I read that Oxford Dictionary has named ‘selfie’ the word of the year.
        Lack of grace is endless.