Monday, December 23, 2013

Evanston: deny doubt; variations on a theme; unchanged

        Friday evening Carol and I shared a bottle of white wine with takeaway Chinese food she bought on her way home from work.  While we watched the early Hitchcock classic, 39 STEPS, I poured myself a glass of Laphroaig.  
        Carol needs more sleep than I, so after she went to bed I poured myself more Laphroaig and returned to reading IMMORTAL POETS where I found of Robert Frost “at age sixty-six…his writing had all but stopped.”
        That gave me pause.  I am on the record as stating that life is only forty years long, that what matters is what you do between roughly twenty and sixty or sixty-five.  But even with a lingering virus, only pause.  The sea lion of the flatlands no longer barks so often or so loud and ended his self-imposed exile to the living room several days ago.
        Deny doubt.  Press on.


        The four above photos were taken from the same location, THE HAWKE OF TUONELA at anchor in Whangamumu, just south of Cape Brett, New Zealand, within a span of twenty-four hours on October 23, 2010.
        I’ve run them before, but not for a while, and used a cropped version of one for the cover of THE FIFTH CIRCLE.


        Next year is almost upon us, and I found myself thinking that a year from today I expect to be sitting exactly where I presently am on our living room sofa.  Look in the window and nothing will seem to have changed.  But GANNET instead of floating in a slip in San Diego will be six thousand miles southwest on the hard at Ashby’s Boat Yard in Opua.