Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Evanston: minor changes

I have made several minor changes to the main site:

In case you have forgotten or never knew, the full name of the site and this journal is ‘self-portrait in the present sea’, a title I carried around with me for decades before finding a use.

Two articles have been added.

The SMALL CRAFT ADVISOR interview and ‘Lessons of the Sixth’.

I have changed the chart of the fifth circumnavigation on the logs page.

I have changed the title of what was the wit page to lines.  I am not completely happy with that and have considered alternatives, but it will do for now.

I have also added three new lines to the page.  I am not going to tell you which.  If interested you can go and find out for yourself.  Considering there are only thirty-six in all, that is a good year’s work.  

I am rereading and very much enjoying Evelyn Waugh’s fine WW2 trilogy, SWORD OF HONOR.

Carol and I are watching the third season of BABYLON BERLIN on Netflix and the fifth season of BETTER CALL SAUL recorded from AMC, which is much better than season four which I found to be mostly repetition of parts of BREAKING BAD.

Last weekend we watched and enjoyed LA LA LAND, a good movie for hard times.


Simeon said...

Hi Webb - You never fail to please with your writing. Thanks.

Two comments. Your posted interview article should be attributed as “Small Craft Advisor” magazine, not Small Boats...
Josh Colvin’s Port Townsend Washington’s “Small Craft Advisor Magazine” found here

I sail my Noddy, a John Welsford design 11’-11” SCAMP Balanced Lugsail “dinghy”, out of Port Townsend.
SCAMP is the acronym for Small Craft Advisory Magazine Project and Welsford was commissioned to draw the lines for Josh Colin and the magazine in 2010.

I like the change from “Wits” to “Lines” but you say you are not settled. Perhaps “Bon Mots” or “Good Words”.
Whatever, all those lines resonate and inspire me.

Best wishes to you and Carol.

Webb said...

Thank you, Simeon, for the kind words and the correction. I’ve made that mistake before and will try not to do so again. I’ve made the change.