Monday, August 23, 2021

Lake Forest: cava; next; half price; life and death

Although I have spent considerable time in Spain, mostly in boats along the south coast, I did not know of cava until David wrote me about it.  Cava has been called Spanish champagne, but cannot legally be any longer.  Only wine produced in the Champagne region of France is champagne.  But both wines are produced by fermentation in the bottle and in that differ from Italian prosecco which is fermented in vats.  On Saturday while seeking cachaca we also sought and found cava, bought a bottle, and as you can see above enjoyed it last evening in the back yard with salmon and corn grilled by Carol and a salad.  It was very enjoyable.  Even excellent.  Particularly at around $10 a bottle.  We will enjoy more cava and thank David.


Above is part of this morning’s Earth Wind Map.  (Sorry Southern Hemisphere, but it is our hurricane season now.)

Over hyped Henri is gone.  Looking east of the Caribbean islands is the beginning of a swirl that might be next, though the National Hurricane Center does not think development is likely.  The mass of clouds in the southern Caribbean has possibilities.  And of most interest is the tight circle in the Pacific just south of the Baja Peninsula.  Thus far the Eastern Pacific has been much more active than the Atlantic.  There has been one storm after another.  That one is Marty.  There they mostly just wander west and don’t make landfall and are forgotten; but in completing my first circumnavigation in EGREGIOUS on the passage from Papeete, Tahiti, to San Diego, at this time of year in 1976, I sailed through one.  I don’t recall its name.

This morning Carol and I had joint routine examinations by our ophthalmologist.  I suggested that because for me he had only to examine one eye, I should get half price.  He did not buy it.

This comes from Dieter.  I thank him.  While I prefer tillers to wheels, I certainly agree with the sentiment.


Anonymous said...

Webb - I continue to read and enjoy every one of your posts. And I also prefer a tiller over a wheel.
Thanks for informing and entertaining your many loyal followers.

Best regards,

S/V Free Spirit
1975 Ranger 23
Los Angeles

Anonymous HR VP said...

Cava is indeed one the world’s great sparking wine values. Salud!