Thursday, November 5, 2020

Hilton Head Island: a new video and some progress

 A new video shot at anchor Tuesday sunset has been uploaded to YouTube.

As I note in the comments it was shot on my iPhone 12 Pro which according to all reviews takes superb video.   Somehow the uploaded version is far from suburb and is not representative of how the video looks on my phone or MacBook.  I am not going to speculate why.

I initiated, or tried to, the next work that needs to be done on GANNET.

I telephoned Marine Tech Services to get a rigger to go up the mast and re-install the OpenWind transducer.  Also while up there he needs to tighten the Windex which I observed wobbling while we were sailing.  To my surprise and disappointment I am told that they are working 4 to 8 weeks out.  I am not aware of any alternative on the island.  I’ve been without wind information for a long time and will be for a while longer.

I also telephoned Kevin who does canvas work and was recommended to me by Fred.  Much better response time.  He is meeting me at GANNET tomorrow at 9 am.  I want to have the v-berth cushions and the pipe berths replaced.

I am considering buying another battery for the Torqeedo.  The spare I have came with my first Torqeedo and is now nine years old and has no doubt deteriorated.  Around here I will mostly be sailing in confined waters and narrow channels sometimes against wind and tide.  Doubling our range under power might be useful.



Unknown said...

Is that former ferry boat still at your marina? Perhaps you could reach your mast head from it's upper deck and skip the waiting on the rigger.

Webb said...

The ferry boat is still there. Unfortunately. But I think I’ll wait for the rigger.