Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Evanston: too easy; heat wave

        Three readers sent me links to an article in OUTSIDE made reference to at Sailing Anarchy about a 71 year old retired psychiatrist who went missing while trying to sail alone across the Pacific Ocean after sending several bizarre messages.  I strongly disagree with Sailing Anarchy’s assertion that it is a great article. 
        I only skimmed the piece.  My reaction:  Maybe I am making this look too easy.  
        Not everyone should go to sea alone.  This man obviously should not have.  His death is not a tragedy.  I don’t even think it is of interest except to his family.
        From what I read I do wonder why he ever thought he wanted to sail an ocean alone.  Like many others, his mind never really left the land.

        Yesterday morning when I woke up at 6:30 the temperature was 20ºF/-6.6C with a ‘feels like’ of 8º/-13.3C.  Today when I woke up at the same time, the temperature was again 20ºF, but the ‘feels like’ was 13ºF/-10.5C.