Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hilton Head Island: even closer; solved; ripples

        The other evening I was sitting on the terrace, almost literally, being on a Sportaseat at terrace level, watching the sunset, martini at hand, part of GANNET in view:  the upper half of her furled jib and mast.  The rest of the little boat naturally was hidden by bigger boats in the foreground.  Having GANNET so close is a constant pleasure.  Usually when I have been living on land, she was at least a continent and usually an ocean or two away.
        However, Peter, who is even older than I and lives aboard his Sadler 29 in Cannes, sent me the above photo of a seaman who has his boats even closer.  I thank him. 
        From the color of the water I think there might be enough depth for GANNET,  but I am not tempted.


        Last week I called to ask a diver to come and clear whatever was on GANNET’s depthfinder transducer and a rigger to go up and fix the masthead tricolor.  Of these, the depthfinder is by far the more immediately important.  GANNET’s 4’1” draft is too much for significant portions of her new home waters.
        To back up, when Bob sent me photos of GANNET while her hull/keel cracks were being repaired, what I saw caused concern about the depth transducer being covered with barrier coat.  I telephoned the yard and was told that they had taped over the transducer.
        After the diver went in the water with instructions to clean off whatever was on the transducer, I heard a few moments of heavy scraping.  When he came up, he told me what I suspected.  He found the transducer covered with anti-fouling paint, barrier coat, and tape.  
        Free of these burdens, the depthfinder told me that GANNET was in 12.6’ of water.


        While I am obviously happy in our condo, sitting in GANNET I heard ripples against the hull; I felt her slight but constant movement.  
        Even though GANNET and condo are within sight of one another, my life is slightly out of focus.  I had everything on GANNET I needed to live for six or seven months.  I have moved some of that to the condo and now I don’t have everything I need in either place.
        In time my life will come back together, but probably not for several months.  I believe I can move a substantial amount from GANNET that has accumulated and no longer needs to be on board.  She will be the better for it.