Friday, October 27, 2017

Evanston: pitiable or despicable; taste test; Delancyplace; waiting

        This does not compute.
        Did they leave Honolulu intending to power all the way to Tahiti?  Did they not know how to sail?  Did they not know how to navigate?  Did they not have any backup navigation system?  Why would anyone provision for a year for a passage of less than 2,500 nautical miles?
        In the video of the 'rescue' the mast is upright.  The  uncovered mainsail is tied to the boom.  The headstay and backstay are in place.  So seem to be the shrouds.  The furling jib is furled on the headstay.  There is a wind generator and what seem to be solar panels at the stern.  The hull is intact.  I cannot see the rudder, but there has been no report that it was broken.  If it was, there is this thing called 'jury-rigging.' 
        The mother of one of the women describes her daughter as ‘resourceful’.  Right.
        I can conceive of only two possibilities.
        Either these women are so stupid they are pitiable and need a court appointed guardian, or they did it to attract attention, in which case they are a great success, and despicable.
        At the very least they should be charged with cruelty to animals.

        Carol returned from Boston last night and I completed my Good To-Go taste test.  The conclusion:  Good To-Go is good.
        Of the three meals, I will buy more of the Herbed Mushroom Risotto and the Thai Curry.  I rate both 4 to 4.5 on a 5 point scale.  I was concerned that the curry might be too spicy and thirst inducing for an ocean passage where fresh water is limited.  It is not.  I consider it mild to moderate.  The Bibimbap, described on the packet as a Korean dish, is too spicy for me on passages and I won’t be buying it again.  
        Good To-Go makes eight entrees and two breakfasts, oatmeal and granola.  I already have breakfast covered and their versions would not be cost effect.  However, I like the risotto and curry enough so that I have ordered one each of the other five entrees.  I don’t know when I’ll eat them, but when I do, I’ll let you know my opinion.


        I am simply sharing a link to Delanceyplace that Larry gave to me, believing that some of you may also find it interesting.  I thank him.
        Delanceyplace:  “(short) eclectic (book) excerpts delivered to your email every day”. 
        It’s free and usually interesting.  
        Today’s excerpt happens to be from a biography of Ulysses S. Grant that I had already bought, but have not read.  I did read Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton, which is said to have inspired the Broadway musical, and I have long admired Ulysses Grant.  I have read his memoirs twice and agree entirely with the praise offered them and him. 


        I despise pushing and shoving, though as the Great Pusher and Shover-in-Chief in Washington has shown, they are clearly ways to get ahead; but there is a downside to good manners.
        Believing that the boatyard had enough to do in the aftermath of Irma, I did not call them for three weeks.  Two weeks ago last Monday, I did call and ask for an estimate for the repair to GANNET’s keel.  I was told I would be put in the queue and hear back “in a week or two.”  Not having heard back, last Monday I called and was told that the person I needed to talk to would not be in the office until Wednesday.  On Wednesday I called and another person told me he was handling my estimate and would get back to me yesterday or today.   The boat yard is closed for the day.  He hasn’t.