Monday, July 24, 2017

Hilton Head Island: swamp rat; DUNKIRK

        South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island is ten miles long, five miles wide and shaped like a shoe with the toe pointed southwest.  40,000 permanent residents are visited by 2.25 million tourists a year.  Yet the island has been carefully developed and large parts of it are gated and closed to visitors.  I read that on one of the golf courses there is a plaque marking the highest point on the island which is 28.24’ above sea level.  Something like half of South Carolina is within the hundred year floodplain.  Were one considering buying property here, the second floor and above might be advisable.

        Carol has been here many times.  She and I visited during the winter several years ago.  The summers are hot.  There are alligators and copperheads, water moccasins and the occasional hurricane.   But the winters are mild and there are areas of wilderness and beauty.  I like it here.
       The top photograph is 'self-portrait, with Carol, in the present sea grass.'

        One afternoon we went to see the just released DUNKIRK which has received rave reviews.  I concur.  DUNKIRK is an epic film told in human terms.  I don’t recall another film that so dramatically portrays the sudden onslaught of chaos and death.
        We watch most movies at home, but DUNKIRK deserves a theater’s big screen and sound.


        Time, chance and American Airlines permitting, tomorrow night I’m on GANNET.