Thursday, June 15, 2017

Evanston: one month and finished

        In an hour it will have been exactly one month since GANNET’s anchor went down off Marathon.  I have often observed that time is an uneven medium, and our reaching Marathon seems to have happened much longer than just a month ago.  In another month and ten days I’ll be back on board.
        I’ve done a lot in that month, including ordering all the stuff on the GANNET buy list.  The last two items were crossed off today, although I do not have them yet.  
        GANNET will have a new jib and main from North Sails.  I’m told they will be ready in a few weeks.  I am excited.  Very excited.  The old sails have been seriously weakened by UV and 23,000 miles.  I had to glue several patches on the main at sea this year and I am concerned that it might rip apart in the next strong wind.  On top of that, the North G2 is so superior to the old asymmetrical that I have wondered if a main and jib from them will also be as great an improvement.
        And I will have new Gill foul weather gear.
        I have two sets of foul weather gear on GANNET, both Henri Lloyd. 
        One is a top of the line Ocean set, dating from THE HAWKE OF TUONELA days.  I only recall wearing it on GANNET during the gale when we were approaching New Zealand.  It is too heavy for the Tropics.
        The other is a lighter smock and salapotte that I have worn extensively and now leak.  They haven’t been worn for the full 23,000 miles, but often enough that I have gotten my money’s worth out of them.
        I don’t have a preferred brand.  I’ve also owned Musto, Helly Hansen and some brands that no longer exist.  I sailed EGREGIOUS around Cape Horn in Helly Hansen’s ‘Coastal’ gear because I couldn’t afford anything better.  This will be my first from Gill.
        The Gill gear will be a racer smock and high pants which are salapotte-like.  I am not racing, but GANNET is surely as wet as any boat that is.
        I like smocks, which have fewer points of entry for water and are less bulky than jackets, although they are a bit more difficult to get on and off and a nuisance when you need to get to the zipper on your pants.
        I like salapottes because they provide higher protection and fit better than traditional foul weather pants whose suspenders always stretch out on me and cause them to sag.
        Gill only offers these in graphite.  Fortunately that goes well with GANNET’s platinum hull.  Have to be color coordinated.