Friday, October 21, 2016

Evanston: GANNET in the Indian Ocean videos

        After a rather frustrating morning in which I discovered that my Nikon AW1 camera makes videos in a format that cannot be imported into iMovie, I have started to upload a series of short videos directly to YouTube.  Before anyone emails me, I have learned how to convert the videos into an iMovie acceptable format, but the process is too time consuming.
        The first three videos are now viewable at:
        More will follow, including a tour of the Great Cabin and ending with some taken during the final 50 knot gale off Durban.
        I am a writer, not a cinematographer.  This is raw, unedited footage.  In this case, cinéma veríté is a euphemism for amateur hour.  But I hope the videos enhance your understanding of my GANNET experience.