Saturday, October 17, 2015

Opua: untracked

        I am no longer thinking about removing the genoa tracks.  I’ve done it.  
        Removal took an hour yesterday afternoon.  I expected that some of the nuts which had been painted over might prove difficult, but none did.
        This morning I filled twenty-six bolt holes with epoxy and when it dried added a bit of filler.  When it dries, I’ll sand and, weather permitting, paint tomorrow.
        This might not be the final configuration.  The reach to cleats on the rail might be a stretch when GANNET is heeled far over; but everything on a boat is a compromise and that one might well be worthwhile to keep lines to the side of the deck.
        Here is what the deck looked like before removal. I’m not sure the photos show how dramatic the difference is.  Any clear space on GANNET, above deck or below, is golden.

        I am struck by how I looked, or rather overlooked, those tracks for years until a question from Luis caused me actually to see and consider them. 
         GANNET and I owe this one to you, Luis.  Thanks for asking.


        Boats have been trickling in for a while.  One at the ‘Q’ dock every several days, but when I stood in the companionway this morning there were four, none less than 45’/14 meters.  I think the fleet migration is on.
        The Opua Marina is engaged in a major expansion.  I’m not sure of the exact numbers, but it will go from about 250 slips to 350.
        In a sign of the times, consistent with the boats at the ‘Q’ Dock this morning, almost all the new slips will be 16 meters/53’ or larger and about half will be double wides for catamarans.


        Those of you in the U.S. are watching the baseball playoffs and college and pro football totally unaware that to a few nations, New Zealand among them, the only sporting event going on now is the Rugby World Cup in England.
        The NEW ZEALAND HERALD’s online site has the usual sections:  world; national; entertainment; technology; travel; sport.  Rugby is more than ‘sport’ and has its own section.
        I don’t know of what sport this story was first told:
        Two fans are discussing an upcoming contest and one says, “We’ve got to win.  It’s a matter of life and death.”
        To which the other replies, “Oh, no.  It’s much more important than that.”
        In New Zealand rugby is.
        I was here eight years ago when New Zealand was upset in a World Cup quarter final by France.  The front page of the NEW ZEALAND HERALD’s print edition was bordered in black.
        New Zealand played France in a quarter final this morning and crushed them.  I listened on radio.
        They meet South Africa in a semi-final next weekend that I believe will be telecast in the U.S.
        I hope my friends in other nations will forgive me:
        Go, All Blacks.
        Go, Cubs.