Friday, March 27, 2015

Opua: walked

        I have a distraught app.  
        After awarding me the Suez Canal badge for walking 120 miles—I transited Suez in CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE II but never expected to walk it—the app became despondent at the limited number of steps I have taken since returning to GANNET and started sending me frowning faces and encouragement to do better.  
        When I stayed aboard GANNET one day last week working on the boat and didn’t even put the phone in my pocket, thus registering 0 steps for the day, the app when into cyber-shock and deep despair.
        For lunch that day I grabbed a protein bar I later realized I bought last June in Honolulu.
        Needing supplies beyond the limits of the Opua General Store, I taxied to Pahia yesterday.  Next time I go I will either sail or walk, but didn’t want to take the time yesterday.  
        New Zealand’s Prime Minister was in town, trying to influence the outcome of an election that is not going his party’s way, accompanied by a lot of police.
        I did walk around Pahia enough to take more than 5,000 steps, partially appeasing the app, and took these photos with my iPhone.

        Last evening was perfect on GANNET’s deck.  Assisted by an air temperature gin and tonic and lime—all of which were among the previously lacking supplies.
        Today when I went ashore I walked up the Opua hill.  Unexpectedly flatland walking prepared me for the hill, which I chugged up at speed and with ease.  1100 steps from top to bottom, each at a steep incline.
        My app would worry less if it counted the strokes I row as steps.


        THE NEW YORK TIMES ran a piece this morning about the new Whitney Museum and included images of some of its collection, including this by Dan Schulz.

        I include it because of the title:  Building the Boat While Sailing.
        I have no other comment.


        Scott in San Francisco sailed his First 32 both days last weekend:  on Saturday with his wife and son; on Sunday solo.  
       Joy shared and doubled.